[Tonle Sap Community - Cambodia]

Eleven Magazine Contest 2015

The English magazine Eleven Magazine launched in 2015 the international competition focusing on Lake Tonle Sap in Cambodia, with the objective of promoting sustainable mobile buildings in partnership with UNESCO and that function as medical clinics, ecological research platforms and teaching units, for the community of 1.2 million residents of the floating lake villages.

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        Carlos Andrés Hernández Arriagada

        Sylvia Young

        Juliana Kazue


Date: 06/11/15 (registration) to 09/11/15 (delivery)

Organization: Eleven Magazine.

Event: Cambodia 2015 - Protect, Respect and Empower.

CITAÇÃO: HERNÁNDEZ ARRIAGADA, C. A.,YOUNG, S. KAZUE, J. Cambodia - Protect, Respect and Empower.  2015.