[Andalién territorial activation network]

Government of Chile Contest

The contest of ideas arose from the partnership between the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage of the Government of Chile and the EULA-CHILE Center for Environmental Sciences, with the aim of receiving urban proposals that reflect the necessary dialogue between natural systems and the city, focusing on the Andalién River. The river restoration approach (geomorphological) will be used to revive a river and from there understand its natural system to make the project adapted to that system. It is about challenging the traditional way of doing urban design and highlighting the relationship between design and the Andalién River.

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Date: 06/07/19 (registration) to 05/12/19 (delivery)

Organization: Concepción. Inhabiting el / al Limite. River Restoration of the Andalién River

Event: Call for Ideas Rio Andalién - River Restoration and Urban Design

CITAÇÃO: HERNÁNDEZ ARRIAGADA, C. A., et al.  Concepción. Habitando el/al Límite. Restauración fluvial del río Andalién 2019.

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