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Habitat for Healing 2015 Contest

Habitat for Healing is a non-profit design organization created in 2014 on the edge of the Ebola crisis, the organization is made up of architecture and medicine students who seek to promote safe medical environments to treat communicable diseases such as the Ebola virus. 
The international competition emerged at the end of 2014 at an accelerated pace, as it is a matter of urgency in several African countries.  Participants were able to select the location (Team LabStrategy chose Sierra Leone) where the units would be installed.



Coordinator: Carlos Andrés Hernández Arriagada

Members:  Amanda Locateli, Ana Zollner, Glaucia Garcia, Juliana Sumita, Isis Porcel, Karina Zanon, Luiza Coronato, Luana Hetterich, Raquel Chaves, Renata Fonseca, Sylvia Yeung and Thais Montecchio.

Special guest: Enzo Sakaguti Ferreira, Giovana L. Hernández A., Letícia Harumi Sumita and Vitória Ramos Jayme.

habitat for healing.png


Date: 12/14/14 (registration) to 03/16/15 (delivery)

Organization: Non-profit student organization composed of architecture and medicine students from  New York Institute of Technology.

CITAÇÃO: HERNÁNDEZ ARRIAGADA, C. A., et al.  The M.A.S.H. (Mobile Architectures for Strategic Healing) Pad Competition 2015.

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