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[ Urban Strategies in  Paraisopolis  ]

Based on a methodology that uses strategies for the induction and projection of different scenarios, intervention proposals were elaborated in Paraisópolis, which respected the pre-existing conditions as much as possible.

The challenge was to understand a unique area, distinct from the so-called "Formal City", which should make possible the growth of this "organism" and its maintenance based mainly on its economic functioning and spatial boundaries.

As an additional factor, there was a mix of students from different semesters working in the same team, which makes possible a greater exchange of knowledge and different ways of seeing and thinking about the city.



FAU Mackenzie: Carlos Andrés Hernández Arriagada

                 Paula Raquel Jorge


Beatriz Del C. Martinez Gonzáez

Lincoln Paiva (IMV)

Viviane Manzione Rubio


Data: 7 a 22 de fevereiro de 2014

Local: Campus Higienópolis, FAU MACK

CITAÇÃO: HERNÁNDEZ ARRIAGADA, C. A.; JORGE, P.R. . Workshop - Estratégias Projetuais em Paraisópolis. 2014.


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